got boba?

My first experience with bubble tea was not the greatest 😦

I wasn’t explained what “bubble” or “pearls” in tea actually meant before ordering  (given I was already a picky teenager to begin with) so when I took my first sip – my first reaction was pretty ugly! I took a big sip of the tea (hoping it would be refreshing) and found unexpected tapioca pearls accompanied in my tea. I was told that I would have to chew through the pearls –  I didn’t like the taste or the idea to chew through my drink so I just gulped that sip and walked away (slightly traumatized). e honest. 

I thought I would never try it again – until a wonderful group of co-workers (at my old job) convinced me to give it a try one more time. Considering, I was more prepared this time around + felt outgoing and willing to try more things!  Nevertheless, I LOVED the tea and savored every sip!

I was lucky enough to try a few places in the city and around Dublin/Pleasanton and am ready to share my experience! People might say I have been slightly addicted to boba since (wink)! 

“Boba is bae” – unknown

A special shoutout & thanks to Brittany for encouraging me to post about my boba experience thus far 🙂

Here is my recommendations – in order by preference:

1. Westea- Pleasanton


  • Wide selection of teas and toppings
  • Friendly and patient staff
  • Cute West Terrier logo
  • Stamp/rewards card – allowing you to get a free drink after X number of purchased drinks


  • None at this time!


  • Jasmine Milk Tea w/ boba pearls
  • Strawberry Kiwi w/ aloe

2. Boba Guys – SF & San Ramon 


  • Quality & delicious tea and boba pearls
  • Highly accommodating to modifying orders
  • “Boba Bae” shirt! (Yes, I bought one)
  • Free stickers


  • This place is a hit so expect long lines to order and a wait to get your drink
  • Limited fruit tea and topping selection


  • Jasmine Milk Tea
  • Jasmine Green Milk Tea
  • Match Latte

3. PleanTEA – SF


  • Reusable glass bottle with lid is given with each order – save the planet while drinking your boba!
  • Bring back the bottle the next time you’re in and they’ll reuse it for your drink
  • Tea and boba pearls were delicious!


  • Limited to no flexibility in modifying orders


  • Jasmine Milk Tea
  • Pineapple Green Tea

4. Black Sugar – SF 


  • Staff is friendly and patient.
  • Plastic cups are study
  • Presentation of layered drinks are impressive!


  • Tea flavors are not consistent. Often times tastes watered down
  • Boba pearls were stuck together and chunky – not very appetizing


  • Jasmine Green Milk Tea

5. i-Tea – Dublin 


  • Large selection of drinks and toppings
  • Fruit Tea’s are the best


  • Milk tea tastes watered down – not very flavorful


  • Jasmine Milk Tea w/ boba pearls
  • Strawberry Fruit Tea w/ strawberry popping boba pearls
  • Curly fries!

6. T4 –  Dublin 


  • Large chain – offers points and promotional deals for signing up
  • Vast selection of tea’s, toppings, and snacks


  • Milk tea’s are a hit or miss – not consistent in flavor


  • Honey Green Tea w/ aloe
  • Jasmine Milk Tea w/ boba pearls

7. Sharetea – SF


  • Tea can come in a cute plastic reusable lightbulb (cup) and straw


  • Not flavorful – very light tea taste


  • Pineapple Green w/ aloe

… This is just the beginning to my boba adventure!

Let me know of any amazing boba spots in the Bay Area – I would love to give it a try!

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